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Employer Branding versus Employee Engagement

by Elien Van den Steen

Employer Branding versus Employee Engagement

With Employer Branding and Employee Engagement we find ourselves in a chicken-and-egg situation...

Do companies need to invest in Employer Branding in order to attract the right candidates, and by consequence cultivate employee engagement? Or will companies have to invest in Employee engagement in order to be able to market their Employer Branding

Employee engagement is the act of having employees appreciating their work, becoming more productive and active. Employer branding is how a company sells itself to potential employees.

One approach has to do mostly with how to attract people to your company, the other has more to do with people whom you’ve already hired. But, in reality, the two are closely tied together.

Good employer branding attracts better candidates which in turn leads to employees that are more apt to work for your company, and love working with you. This then leads to better employee engagement. In fact 49% of companies look at employee engagement as a sign of good employer branding. Good employee engagement eventually becomes good employer branding.

An investment in one is a partial investment in the other.

So where do you start?

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