How can you reimagine your SAP HR user experience?

03 May 2017

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HR cloud solutions, like SuccessFactors, can be a great fit for your business needs but what about on premise?

Not all companies find the necessary flexibility in a Cloud solution and therefore choose SAP HCM. Luckily, these companies are not left out the evolution of user experience design in HR software… SAP Fiori offers you a solution to personalize and simplify your SAP HR user experience!

Leverage SAP Fiori for your HR software

First things first, what is SAP Fiori?

First and foremost, it is a specific look & feel achieved by modern UX design principles built on top of SAP UI5 Technology. But there’s more, SAP Fiori comes with an extensive library of apps that can be implemented in a very short timeframe.

To give you a taste of it, these are some SAP Fiori apps offered for HR:

  • My Inbox – Process workflow and approve requests (e.g. leave request)
  • Employee Lookup – view the profile picture, personnel data, contact details and direct reports of all employees within your organization
  • My Timesheet – Manage time entries quick and efficiently
  • People Profile – Track your personal data, like incomplete time recording, upcoming holidays, upcoming courses, and so on. You can also view your company profile, organizational and communication details as well as navigate through the employee hierarchy.
  • My Travel and Expenses – Display and submit travel and non-travel expenses.
  • My Travel Requests – Manage travel requests in real time
  • My Leave Requests – Create and submit leave requests anytime, anywhere. The app allows users to track the status of their requests and view their current leave entitlements.
  • My Benefits – View your benefits enrolment details
  • My Pay stubs - Check and manage a digital version of all your pay stubs issued by the company for each payroll period.
  • My Team Calendar – Get an overview of upcoming events, trainings, leaves, and work schedules of your peers and/or direct reports.
  • My Time Events – Create, update, and delete time events (time tracking) for a specific date. In addition, the app notifies employees of missing or incorrect time entries.

Besides implementing, customizing and extending standard Fiori apps, you can also develop custom Fiori applications. Below are just a few examples of what we built for our customers:

  • Geoclocker – Location based clock in/out solution
  • LSO Hot & Cold Appraisals – Hot & cold learning appraisals for SAP LSO, including email notifications
  • Cafetaria Plan – allows employees to compose their own benefit plan
  • QR Scanner Badge Control – A Fiori hybrid application that scans the QR code on the employee’s badge to read access rights
  • Training Interests App – a training catalogue fed by backend SAP LSO where employees can indicate their interests to trigger a workflow which ends with pre-booking
  • HR InfoPanel – Dashboard app with key HR figures, live map and chart data about hires, LSO, qualification data, ...

SAP Fiori is built on 5 key principles:

On top of that, SAP Fiori Launchpadis a central and role-based entry point for the whole company to access all apps. Fiori Launchpad includes many features like end user personalization, rich notifications (e.g. leave request), an app finder, news tiles, analytical tiles, and so on. With the role based tiles, an end user can access standard Fiori apps, custom Fiori apps, SAP GUI transactions, WebDynpro screens, Design Studio report and much more.

Thanks to its responsive design any Fiori application, including the Launchpad, is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would be interested in a demo!

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