Digipolis optimizes talent acquisition flow

17 July 2018

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Digipolis Ghent, the number one ICT partner for the City and public institutions of Ghent, was looking for a partner and the perfect tool to help them optimize their talent acquisition process. Following the great collaboration on the ‘Stedelijk Onderwijs’ project with Digipolis Antwerp, the organization decided to start working with Emeritis for all SAP SuccessFactors and related integration / solution extension projects.

Taking recruitment to the next level

Digipolis Ghent chose SuccessFactorsRecruiting Management to streamline their talent acquisition processes. But the organization needed a more complex set up than the standard functionality.

To enhance the SuccessFactors functionalities, ‘Intelligent Services’ was implemented together with ‘SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services’.

Intelligent Services are designed to connect transactions resulting from a change. It starts as events that are published in one area of the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite. Any SuccessFactors product can trigger and publish an event, for example: manager, employee, and job information changes, employee absences, or new hires and leavers. Once an event is triggered, Integration Center is used to define rules/conditions and actions. It’s the combination of these tools, that brings the added value to your HRIS system.

The hiring process: connecting all dots

When a candidate applies for a job at Digipolis, he or she needs to take both oral and written assessments. Applicants are assessed by more than one interviewer and each assessment has a certain weight in the end-result. To calculate the total score for a candidate, HR needs to take the average of all scores, for both oral and written assessments. Digipolis wanted to be able to automatically calculate these scoresfor each JobApplication, by making use of different weights per type of assessment (written/oral).

Competencies and assessment types are defined in the applicant form:

Competencies are scored in 'Interview Central':

When all assessments are finished, HR needs to confirm an applicant has taken all the tests before the scores can be calculated. This calculation happens in SuccessFactors but no notification is automatically send to Cloud Platform. That’s where ‘Intelligent Services’ comes in. If an event takes place on application level, it needs to trigger a certain action. In this specific case, when HR hits the button in SuccessFactors, the calculation needs to start in Cloud Platform. The tool now takes the scores of all interviewers and calculates the total score. Afterwards it automatically writes the results in the JobApplication into custom fields.

Based on the weight and status of the assessment, total scores are calculated for each assessment to decide whether a candidate 'passed' the application process or not. Finally, the candidate is placed in the recruitment pool:

Are you looking for ways to streamline your talent acquisition processes? We're here to help, get in touch!

Author:Michaël Derde, SAP HCM Technology Consultant

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