Emeritis partners up with Spencer

09 November 2018

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Emeritis operates at the intersection of digital HR transformation and employee experience. We are constantly looking for ways to answer to new HR Trends, like employee engagement and employee centricity, with the use of technology. In this context, Emeritis entered into a strategic partnership with Spencer, the digital workplace assistant.

Spencer who?

Great consumer experiences (personal apps) have raised the bar for business solutions. Spencer, your mobile workplace assistant, brings the high standards of consumer experience to the work floor.

The mobile and desktop applications proactively assist your workforce through carefully crafted employee journeys. Eventually helping them to be more engaged, efficient and productive by making the tools you trust work better together. From scheduling holidays and automatically turning on your ‘Out of Office’ to internal communication flows and booking of meeting rooms, nothing Spencer can’t assist you with. Curious to know more? https://spencer.co/

Taking Employee Experience to the next level

Spencer and Emeritis are both convinced that happy, engaged employees are the key drivers of a successful organisation. By joining forces, we bring added value to your HR processes. Spencer puts an intelligent cloud layer on top of your core HR & Talent Management systems. The digital assistant communicates with all your existing solutions and by doing so increases the level of simplicity and usability. A smart, personal and fun way of interacting to boost employee engagement within your organization.

“The partnership with Spencer is another step in our evolution to become a strategic partner for Digital HR Transformation. As Spencer provides a cloud layer to consolidate all HR flows within an organization, this is the finishing touch to our vision on the applicative eco-system.”says, Guy Dullaert, CEO Emeritis.

Connect quick & easy

A standard connector between the SuccessFactors platform and Spencer is already foreseen. Organizations who are using SAP SuccessFactors can leverage this connector, built by Emeritis, to ensure a smooth, fast and cost-friendly implementation.

Get in touch and let's discuss how HR Technology can be leveraged to boost employee engagement within your organization. Talk to you soon!

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