Employer Branding and the Employee Life Cycle

18 June 2019

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Employer branding is more than the communication flow from you, as an employer, to your future employee(s).

Building a strong employer brand doesn’t stop after the contract has been signed, it should be incorporated in every step of your employee life cycle.


Authentic communication is key. Let your employees testify, take them to job fairs,... In this way you create stronger internal engagement & involvement and stimulate ‘word of mouth’. There’s no stronger story than that of a happy employee.

At one of our customers, Volvo Group Belgium, we put the theory into practice, starting from their EVP baseline: “Together we move the world". To support this core message visually, a movie was created in which employees carry the company logo. Curious to see the result? Check it out here:


Both a smooth recruitment process and a strong onboarding strategy are crucial. From the first contact, everything must feel right for the future employee. Make sure to consider ‘user' experience in every step of the candidate journey.

Expert TIP: Take enough time to review the end-to-end candidate journey together with all stakeholders. A design workshop is the ideal set up for this discussion. In this way you are able to anticipate on possible bottlenecks and enhance the overall experience.


Practice what you preach. The ‘promises’ you make during the candidate interviews should become reality as soon as an employee enters your company. Let your core values live and make sure they are carried by all employees.

Expert TIP: Keep track of the overall employee satisfaction with pulse surveys. In this way you can tackle possible issues early in the process.

Integrated approach: from first look to first day

Employer branding impacts every stage of the employee life cycle. With the old, ‘post & pray’ approach, recruiters posted the open job positions on their company website and crossed fingers that applications would come in.

Today, if you want to win the war for talent, you need an integrated approach, covering different channels:

Internal image = external image

The external image of your company should be in line with the internal culture. How do your employees experience the brand?

"Clients do not come first. Employees come first.

If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

- Richard Branson

Bring your employer brand to life through authentic values and a strong company culture. It’s one thing to define your core values but to really have an impact, you have to ‘live’ them. Use your core values as guiding principles in all aspects of the business, eg: hiring new employees, developing company policies, customer service decisions, etc.

Expert TIP: To make sure your core values are carried by all employees, it's a good idea to first challenge those values with a select group of ambassadors and the management team. If they 'approve' / recognize the core values, you can start cascading down to the entire organization via an internal employer branding campaign.

Is employer branding a hot topic for your organization? Get in touch, we would love to brainstorm with you !

Author: Sofie Nauwelaerts, Employer Branding Consultant

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