5 Employer Branding Trends for 2018

15 January 2018

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The war for talent is raging on in 2018, so recruitment and retention are high on the agenda everywhere. When defining your Employer Branding strategy and Recruitment Communication plan, you need to keep the following Employer Branding trends in mind:

Trend 1: Shortage is increasing

End of November 2017, we had 202 543 unemployed job seekers in Flanders. That’s 14 195 or 6.5 % less than one year before. Flemish unemployment rates continue to decline. This undeniably increases shortages on the labour market. Therefore, it’s important to approach the labour market with targeted Recruitment Communication and a tailored Employer Branding Strategy. Our advice is to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering better employment conditions to specific target groups. But also to move away from your typical target group and broaden your scope. For example, you could also target your own employees by training them for specific positions and/or focus more on retention.

Trend 2: The revival of referral

A second trend we see in Employer Branding is referral, which has proven to be the most effective recruitment channel. It doesn’t only provide you with the most but also the best candidates, with the highest retention level, at a low cost. Referral is too often used ad hoc instead of in a structured way. If you ‘use’ 20% of your resources continuously on referral, this will yield at least 40% of your hires. It generates more quality and less turnover.

Trend 3: Happy recruiter as a talent magnet

To get a happy candidate, you need a happy recruiter...

Talent rules the job market as they decide where they want or don't want to work. Therefore it is very important to use your candidate experience. As soon as the recruiter comes into contact with candidates, whether this is face to face, via email or phone, making a personal connection is key. A few things that could help you to make your recruiter a happy recruiter are: a strong employer brand; which employees are proud of, a mobile website, a well-functioning ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) and professional recruitment communication.

Trend 4: Marketing Automation for recruitment

Marketing Automation will boost your Employer Brand Marketing in 2018. It helps you to keep track on your hot leads (applicants) by sending the right message to the right person within the right context at the right time. If your marketing automation flow is well organized, this provides a better candidate experience. Candidates who are interested will receive more relevant content, while uninterested candidates will not be approached. Your recruiter only needs to focus on highly qualified candidates who are eager to start working for your company.

Trend 5: Content is a powerful tool

Last but not least, to be successful in digital Employer Branding, you need relevant content. It helps you to connect with your target audience. When you made a connection, you can start building a relationship. When you've established a relationship, you can build trust and when you've gained trust, the ‘sell’ (to apply for a job) grows more organic. Creating meaningful employer branding content is not easy, especially in today’s content saturated world. Understanding your audience and creating content that meets their needs and answers their questions requires a lot of effort at a high cost (at least in terms of promoting it to ensure your audience finds it). But the rewards are huge, particularly in exposure to audiences that may have never considered you as an employer before (or even heard of your organisation).

Are you curious to know more after reading our 5 Employer Branding trends for 2018? Discover how you can get started with Employer Branding here!

Sofie Nauwelaerts, Employer Branding Consultant

Get in touch: sofie.nauwelaerts@emeritis.com

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