Etex Talent: the road to 2020

09 January 2020

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2020 is here! Over the past years, the team at Etex has been working hard to reach their transformation goals for 2020. With about 15,000 employees working at 113 production sites in 42 countries, Etex Group is an international player in sustainable building solutions and holds brands such as Eternit, Promat, Ceramica, Siniat, etc. Etex Group wanted to build a stronger corporate culture and increase the impact & support towards its several branches & divisions. HR is playing a crucial role in facilitating this transformation process.

HR roadmap

At the start of the project, an HR Roadmap was defined based on 3 key pillars:

One Etex Culture: 'We aspire to strengthen the engagement of our employees worldwide and better align our behaviour to achieve our business goals."

Talent Management: "With Talent Management we aspire to identify and develop our leaders, supporting them to be the driving force of our success (with the right tools and processes)."

Excellence in HR: "We aspire to become an effective and agile HR organisation throughout the Etex Group to better satisfy our internal customers and to ensure internal alignment."

These ambitions were supported by the general HR vision and mission:

Etex Talent

Etex was looking for a standard cloud application with integration possibilities to other SAP solutions they already use.

The KPI’s were defined together with the HR Business Partners of the 4 Divisions within Etex. Emeritis was involved as well for input on planning, project approach and overall HRIS expertise. This exercise provided Etex with all necessary information to make the selection for an adequate HRIS.

SuccessFactors revamped as ‘Etex Talent’ is being used as the supporting tool to help Etex in the design and implementation of their new, aligned key people processes throughout the entire global organization. The SAP SuccessFactors Suite proofed to be an excellent fit with the Etex HR Roadmap:

Etex went for a global Implementation of the full SuccessFactors suite including Employee Central, Performance & Goals, Recruitment, Succession and Compensation & Variable Pay and Learning Management. To support the implementation and new way of working, consulting services were also provided by Emeritis: Recruitment Process Design and drafting detailed training/change materials.

At Etex almost no global HR processes were in place at the start of the project. They had to build everything from zero. The combination of the process design workshops, sharing of SuccessFactors’ best practices and listening to the experiences of the implementation consultants resulted in process proposals that were gently accepted by the HR Community.

Integrated Change Management

A communication & change plan was set up before the start of the project. All stakeholders were mapped, and targeted communication messages and channels were defined.

The HR Community (= main stakeholder) was kept up to date through webinars, in person conferences, mailings, intranet postings, etc.

For the end users, a customized communication campaign was created. In person trainings were foreseen at all local branches, supported by e-learnings broadcasted through the online learning platform.

Given the global scope of the project, working with regional ambassadors was key for a successful roll out.

Business objectives & results?

The following business objectives were defined at the start of the HR Transformation project:

  • Best practice processes for Workforce functionalities, Performance, Recruitment and Succession are set up in a harmonized way.
  • Digitization of employees’ records in a central system
  • Etex group-wide organization chart with full and dotted lines
  • User-Friendliness of the system, which was an important acceptance criterium, was highly rated.
  • Other acceptance criteria like the ease of support, the system availability and performance and the security were also considered “achieved”

Other results the Etex team profits from today:

  • Standardized and optimized HR processes.
  • HR services provided more efficiently with internal clients including HR, Managers and employees.
  • HR responsibilities transferred to business, allowing to improve the service under clear guidelines and policies for implementation.
  • Delivered a design that supports global operations.
  • End user satisfaction increased and improved the HR position as a strategic business partner.

Key takeaways

Are you planning an HR Transformation project? Make sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you have the buy in and strong support from the CHRO and Group Executive Committee
  • When you’re initiating an international/global role out, early involvement of regional Ambassadors is key, specifically appointed to transfer knowledge to various regions
  • Integrated communication and change management are at the base of a successful HR transformation project. Schedule regular info sessions with Ambassadors and webinars with all local HR – throughout the entire project
  • Maintain a strong relationship with external implementation partner in a functional area as well as technical area

Any other questions? Our experienced team of driven HRIS consultants is ready to guide you through your HR Transformation so get in touch.

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