hypotheek.winkel hires 100 new employees with national recruitment campaign

24 August 2018

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The real estate market is booming and hypotheek.winkel is growing at a high pace. The company has expanded from 9 to more than 100 branches over the past 5 years. By 2020, there will be more than 200 branches. To support this fast-growing network, they aim to hire 100 new colleagues by rolling out a national recruitment campaign.

"We are looking to hire 100 commercial employees with genuine interest in helping & advising people to buy the house of their dreams." says, Joost Berghman, co-owner at hypotheek.winkel.

End of April, hypotheek.winkel has launched their revamped company website with a dedicated career page. This career page is the beating heart of the recruitment and brand awareness campaign that followed (5 tips to build a successful career site). The onboarding training for the new employees was planned end of May, which gave the team exactly 1 month to roll out the recruitment campaign.

Sofie, our Employer Branding Consultant, supported hypotheek.winkel from A to Z on this HR Communication project. From analysis to strategy, media plan and campaign roll out. She ensured a perfect media coverage over earned, owned, paid and shared channels.

Hypotheek.winkel opted for a combination of print, radio and online advertising. By covering different channels at the same time, you maximize the impact and recognition of your campaign. Let’s take a closer look at each channel:


The Career page on their new company website is at the heart of all communication.


They opted for a wide coverage over several paid channels:

1. Print media: advertisement in newspaper “De Zondag”

2. 100 000 bread bagswere printed with the hypotheek.winkel ad and distributed at 100 different bakeries. The campaign in the newspaper ‘De Zondag’ was running at the same time. As 'De Zondag' is distributed via bakeries as well, it was a great way to maximize the impact.

3. Advertising on jobat.be:

  • Job postingsin the corporate look & feel of hypotheek.winkel
  • Value matchingcalculator between hypotheek.winkel and potential candidates:
  • Employer branding movie: a short movie featuring an employee who shares insights in what it’s like to work for hypotheek.winkel. The video was shown on the company career website, on jobat.be together with the job posting and shared via Facebook & LinkedIn. The video is also a ‘good to have’ for later on, as an introduction movie for new hires.
  • Banner campaignon jobat.be, standaard.be and hln.be
  • Article in the jobat newsletteranalysing the salary of an office manager working at hypotheek.winkel
  • Radio: commercials were played on Studio Brussel and MNM


1. Referral

  • Motivate your own employees to share vacancies
  • Send out a clear internal communication with all details about the open job positions

2. Facebook

  • Announcement via the company page on facebook with a link to the career page
  • All affiliates have their own facebook page – they shared the posting from the general company page
  • Facebook advertising

3. Digital Marketing Agency

Hypotheek.winkel called in the help of their digital marketing partner for:

  • Google: adwords / SEO (include the career page)
  • Remarketing

4. LinkedIn

The employer branding movie was shown on their company page on LinkedIn


A press release has been send out.

Exceeding the expectations

In 2 months’ time, the career page has been visited by 10,000 peopleand hypotheek.winkel received 230 applications. As they were looking to hire 100 new employees, they are really happy with the result and amount of applications. The first introduction session was fully booked so additional sessions are planned. As they are still looking to hire people, we need to keep their story alive and build on the success of the first communication wave. Relaunching the recruitment campaign this fall would be an excellent move. Keep you posted on what’s next!

Are you looking for ways to define and/or optimize your employer brand? Planning a recruitment campaign?

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Author:Sofie Nauwelaerts, Employer Branding Consultant

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