Infrabel goes Fiori

05 March 2018

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Infrabel wants to modernize - and mobilize - the user experience of their current HR applications. Therefore, they decided to migrate all HR applications to SAP Fiori Launchpad. Want to know more about SAP Fiori? Read it all here!

Their existing HR applications consist of SAP Dynproand SAP Web Dynproscreens. But end users demand more from an application than just a functional screen. It should not only do the job, it must be intuitive, look good and work on any device at any time from any place.

Every implementation starts with an analysis

This is where Emeritis, and its day 1 SAP Fiori experience, comes into play. Infrabel requested a full scope analysis of their existing HR applications in order to make a - successful - shift to SAP Fiori. To harmonize the end to enduser experience, the new SAP Fiori applications will no longer be accessed through the classic SAP Portal, but via SAP Fiori Launchpad. When the project is finished, the SAP Portal system will be taken offline.

The analysis part was done end of 2017 and covers the first two phases of the implementation cycle:

Phase 1: Discover

During the Discover phase, you gather all necessary information for a successful implementation. Close interaction with the business is key. Therefore, profound discussions were held with all key users. These discussions reveal specific pain points as well as functional issues of the current applications. The outcome of these discussions is important for the next phases in your implementation cycle. Together with the business, Emeritis makes sure the business requirements are incorporated in the future HR application framework. The new applications are then designed with the use of SAP Fiori.

Phase 2: Design

The Design phaseis all about being creative and finding the perfect fit. During this phase of the project you need to take all requirements, pain points and desires into account. Ideas and concepts are transformed into prototypes, using SAP Build. In the final stage of this phase, the new solution is validated by the management, business representatives and key-users.

Phase 3: Deliver

Now, the time has come to enter the Deliver phaseand start with the actual implementation. The outcomes of the Discover and Design phase are positive and approved by the management, so Infrabel decided to partner up with Emeritis for the Deliver phase.

Author: Pieter Janssens, SAP HCM Technology Consultant

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