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03 July 2019

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The past 4 months, we welcomed 2 newbies to our crew: Lars & Dries, both students at the AP Hogeschool in Antwerp. They chose Emeritis for their internship and we are really happy they did :-)...

Lars & Dries worked on innovative solutions to enhance the recruitment process and candidate experience.

Lars developed a recruitment chatbot, fully integrated with SuccessFactors. This chatbot guides a job candidate through the application process. Want to know more? Check out the demo movie:

Dries focused on the development of a CV Matching application. By using this application, candidates get a quick view on the perfect - job - match for their profile. Curious to know more? Get a sneak peek of how it works here:

On the last day of their internship we sat down with Lars & Dries to reflect on their time at Emeritis...

Guys, let’s go back to the start. How did you get in touch with us? And what made you decide to choose Emeritis for your internship?

Dries: AP Hogeschool organizes a yearly event to put students in contact with companies. This is where I got in touch with Emeritis. Compared to the other companies at the event, the Emeritis team had a really personal approach in connecting with the students. They didn’t overwhelm us with company information or a sales pitch. They were genuinely interested in me, and asked a lot of questions about my skills, interests, plans for the future…

To make sure the project would fit me, they even gave it a little twist. It was the combination of that great first connection and the scope of the project that made me decide to go for Emeritis.

Lars: I can only agree with what Dries said. For me it was also the combination of the warm introduction and interesting project scope that convinced me.

This internship was your first introduction to professional life, how did it go?

Lars: Very good! My internship at Emeritis confirmed that I’m ready to start my professional life. I’ve strengthened my social skills and learned a lot more than during theory classes at school ;-).

Dries: Same here. Before I started my internship, I already decided to start working afterwards. Now, I feel completely ready to put the theory into practice and start learning on the job.

What’s the most important skill/lesson you’ve learned during your time at Emeritis?

Lars: What I’ve learned is that, to be able to learn & grow, you must dare to ask for help. It was amazing to be part of a team with so much experience and knowhow. Next to technical skills, I’ve also acquired business insights which will be very useful for the future.

Dries: I feel the same. At school we learn to work independently and are encouraged to find a solution without asking for help. I've enjoyed working in a team where co-working and co-creation are at the center.

Looking back at the past months, what was your personal highlight?

Lars: The great work atmosphere in general. I really felt part of the Emeritis team. We were invited to all team activities: afterwork drinks, Summer BBQ, team lunches,…

Dries: To top it off, we got the opportunity to join Emeritis to the SAP Festival and showcase our innovations to (potential) customers. An amazing experience!

Last but not least, how would you describe your internship in 3 words?

Lars: Extremely interesting, challenging and lots of fun!

Dries: What I loved the most was the open company culture, stimulating work environment and work hard, play hard attitude! I’m sorry but 3 words just aren’t enough 😉…

We recently got the news that both Lars & Dries have graduated successfully and they've received a really nice score for their internship. Congrats, guys! We wish you nothing but the best in your future careers but first of all… time to enjoy an amazing - well deserved - summer ;-)!

Are you looking for an internship? Get in touch, we would love to discuss the possibilities with you!

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