SAP SuccessFactors Q3 2019: What’s new?

03 September 2019

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We’ve explored the preview of the SuccessFactors Q3 release updates for you and made a selection of our favourite innovations.

Before we dive into the most exciting release updates for Q3 we want to emphasize that SAP is working hard behind the screens to make sure more goodness is coming your way in Q4. What can you expect?

  • People Analytics Embedded edition: this will become available in a later stage to all SuccessFactors clients and will be an important addition to the current reporting capabilities. Currently, the data models of all SF modules are being integrated into SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • Learning Admin UI update: because of the end of browser support for Flash coming Q4 2020, the entire backend of Learning is being redesigned. Also, all data will be made available for reporting in SAP Analytics Cloud, which means you’ll be able to combine Learning data with EC data and/or data from other Talent modules inside SuccessFactors.
  • Onboarding 2.0: expected by Q4 2019 (initially for EC customers only), we are looking forward to enabling our clients with an improved Onboarding experience for their new hires & managers. Next to the technical upgrade, Onboarding 2.0 will also better address the real-life complexity of the On- and Offboarding process, in which many stakeholders play a part.

Now let’s take a closer look at the most interesting features for your end-users in the Q3 release. The main focus is on:

  • Improved flexibility and control of your core HR processes
  • Streamlined and automated applicant management workflow for recruiting
  • Enhanced information security controls for cloud services with ISO 27017 certification

Core HR: Employee Central

In this release, SAP has improved the data transfer between Recruiting and Employee Central with an enhanced user interface that provides flexibility on which prehire data is displayed, streamlining the process for managing pending hires.

In the new Manage Pending Hires screen, columns can now be configured to show basic information on the new employees coming from Recruiting or Onboarding. This helps with identifying where in the organisation, the new hire will land. It’s also possible to filter on these fields, which makes it very convenient if you’re responsible to hire only a subset of the population, eg. based on Location or Department. We are confident this opt-in feature will be quickly adopted by our clients!


With regards to Recruiting Posting, SuccessFactors is bringing some new updates to make recruiters’ lives easier. On the Job Posting page of a requisition, it’s now possible to view available job boards, and post jobs directly from the overview.

Next, it’s also possible to setup different Job Posting Rules, which serves two purposes:

  • You can now set up mapping of information to the job board, based on the Job Requisition template.
  • It’s possible to automatically preselect job boards for posting, based on criteria in the job requisition. Eg. when department = Engineering and country = Belgium, preselect the job board “EngineerJobs”.

Thanks to the recruiting posting updates in this release, and the previous ones, we believe this module now has the maturity desired by most customers. As it will be included in new (and renewed) recruiting licenses, it's definitely worth considering.

Other interesting innovations have been added such as:

  • revamped Agency access with a better overview of the requisitions they have access to, and easier maintenance of candidates.
  • info from Recruiting Marketing Data Capture form which can be queried in the Candidate Search tool in RCM
  • extra possibilities of business rules on the Application profile

Performance & Goals management

A frequently requested functionality, and also a result of the Customer Influence Program, is a customizable pop-up message when a user sends a performance form to the next step. For each step in a performance form, a specific message can be configured, and will be shown when the user (manager, employee or other) wants to send the form to the next step. This message can contain a reminder on the process, a hyperlink to documentation, or any content you’d like it to contain.

Also, some UI improvements are introduced:

  • in Continuous Performance Management, achievements are shown in a different way, which provides you a better overview;
  • in Goal management, admins can choose the view of the “people picker” being used by managers and employees


More convenient additions here, as for calibration admins it will be possible to finalize multiple sessions at once. You can then still decide for which of the sessions, the Notification emails should be sent out.

Also, from the Bin view and List view, it will be possible to open the Talent card of the employee (before, this was only possible from the Matrix view).

Succession & Development

User experience enhancements have been made all around the Succession module. Displaying & editing of Succession data will be more intuitive to HR users and business partners. In a nutshell:

  • Sorting options of successors will be applied throughout all screens where successors are shown, including in the Presentations submodule;
  • Position nominations can be edited from any talent card;
  • Talent search introduces better export options

Career development

Another exciting change is coming up, currently released in Beta only. The Career paths functionality will benefit from Machine learning in order to automatically suggest Career paths. Currently these need to be defined manually, but in the future SuccessFactors will be presenting career recommendations to employees, based on similar data from the past. This can be based on career moves of colleagues in a similar position, or on competencies. Obviously, your system’s data will need to be maintained properly so the algorithm can do its work, but we look forward to seeing this in action!

All these innovations, and many more, will go in production this Friday, September 6th . Check out the entire release overview here: SuccessFactors Q3 2019 Release Updates

Save the date for our Q4 SuccessFactors Community Meetup: 28th November! Interested to join us?

Please send an email to: and a personal invite will be coming your way!

Author: Carlo Peeters, SuccessFactors Consultant

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