SAP SuccessFactors Q4 2019: Release Highlights

11 December 2019

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Not only Saint Nicholas passed by on December 6th, the SuccessFactors Q4 release updates went in production as well. Scroll down to discover our favourite innovations…

But let's start with an important announcement first. SAP is changing their SuccessFactors release schedule in 2020:

We believe the half-yearly release schedule will allow you as a client - and us as a partner - to better prepare for the upcoming releases. We’ve noticed that many of our clients often “cluster” the functionalities of different releases for review & activation in the system (e.g. opt-in features). They prefer to not introduce change to their teams (inside and outside HR) on a quarterly basis. Fixes will keep occurring on a frequent basis of course, just like it is today.

Now let’s discover the most exciting updates of this year’s last release…

Core HR: Employee Central

Depending on the nature of your business, you might find the first feature very useful. As of now you are able to register no-shows in the system. When an employee is hired in EC but did not show up on his first day, a specific event will be available with customisable event reasons. This allows you to easily distinguish why a person never started. On top of that the reporting gains are huge in this new feature. We’re pretty sure some of you are really excited about this one 😉…

IMPORTANT: Before activating the “No-show” events make sure to get in touch with our team to analyse the impact on your interfaces. Those might need an update in order to properly send the cancellation to downstream systems such as your payroll software.

Next to this we saw some convenient improvements on:

  • Admin Alerts 2.0: a more consistent and practical follow-up of alerts for HR and system admins (can be found in the Admin centre)
  • Automatic approval of workflows: for each workflow step, you can now configure after how many days the workflow should be automatically approved. We do advise to use it wisely as in some workflows, automatic approval will not be desired.
  • Enhanced “Manage Pending Hires” screen: offering consistency and more options to process your new hires.


The Compensation module brings some nice improvements, both from an admin and a strategic perspective.

It is now possible to work with Point programs and Gift card fulfilment in the Reward & Recognition process. Before you could only assign “cash” rewards to employees.

What does it mean? Spot awards can be given by managers, resulting in a number of points assigned to an employee. The employee can than accumulate those points and redeem them for Gift cards or other experiences.

Custom images are now also supported on ‘categories & levels’ which adds a touch of gamification to the compensation process. A great enhancement for your employee experience.


Many exciting improvements in the Recruiting domain:

The feature many of our customers have been waiting for: “Evergreen requisitions”. You are now able to structure job requisitions in a way that you can easily maintain long-term requisitions (e.g.: hard to fill positions or spontaneous applications). We always advised our clients to make use of a dummy requisition or even talent pools, but when forwarding a candidate to a new requisition, the candidate would still have to apply. With this new feature, this problem is in the past. On top of that, it also enhances your reporting capabilities.

Another exciting addition: “Quick apply” functionality. Key to your application process is to make it as easy as possible for your candidates to apply. Currently the application process holds 2 or 3 steps:

1. Creating a candidate profile

2. Clicking a link in the verification email (depending on system set-up)

3. Performing the actual application

As from Q4 2019 it will be possible to nominate certain requisitions for “Quick apply”. When activated, the candidate will be able to apply in one step (through one single page), with a minimum upload of data. In this way, your recruiters will have all necessary data, even if a candidate doesn’t fill out their entire profile. Within Recruiting Management, the candidates will show up as any other candidate.

This feature is available both for clients with and without Recruiting Marketing.

Recruiting Posting

Recruiting Posting brings you more improvements with every release:

  • Automatic selection of posting profiles: allows you to create rules which automatically determine the posting profile, depending on requisition info
  • Ability to create reports on job posting and use of credentials, without SAP Support having to intervene
  • Automated correction of Job Board credentials: the job board is notified immediately in case the automatic connection is lost
  • Improved job posting behavior when reposting a job: in case the requisition data is updated, the job postings will be automatically updated as well.

Onboarding 2.0

A major step forward for customers who wish to implement 'Onboarding' in SuccessFactors. As from Q4 2019, Onboarding 2.0 will be available for Employee Central customers. It will share the same data model as EC and will allow you to better interact with the different stakeholders. Also, the offboarding process will be supported a whole lot better, eg. by setting up a knowledge transfer plan.

Availability of ONB 2.0 for Non-EC clients is expected for the May 2020 release.

Would you like to know more about how your onboarding process can improve employee retention & engagement within your organization? We're here to help so get in touch!

LMS – Admin UI update

SAP is working very hard on updating the back-end of the Learning module in order to replace the current Flash UI by a modern HTML UI. The availability of the new interface is foreseen in the Q2 2020 release

Please get in touch if you would like our support throughout this change process.

Performance & Goals, Calibration and Succession & Development

More interesting improvements across the other Talent modules:

  • Central repository for Competency ratings in PMGM (not linked to a form, but to a person) with possibility to pre-populate competency ratings based on the last rating;
  • Improvements to Succession Talent pools: add filter & list fields;
  • Career explorer is powered by SAP Leonardo Machine Learning technology and recommends job roles to employees, based on the career paths of those who once held the same position;
  • Improvements in Calibration with regards to visualisation of different items

All these innovations, and many more, went in production last Friday (December 6th). Check out the entire overview of all Q4 release updates here.

Wanna join us next year? Get in touch and a personal invite will be coming your way!


Author: Carlo Peeters, SuccessFactors Consultant

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