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09 May 2015

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Setting up Single-Sign-On between SAP on-premise and SuccessFactors

More and more customers are starting to adopt SuccessFactors Employee Central as their main system of record for HR data.

When it comes to managing the administrative HR processes, Employee Central has a lot to offer in terms of user-friendliness and flexibility in addition to the advantages of a cloud solution (zero footprint, fast pace of innovation).

2 Areas in which SuccessFactors is somewhat lagging in functionality is Time Management and Payroll. For the moment, there is no equivalent for RPTIME and RPCALC in SuccessFactors.

Some of the solutions that are proposed are Workforce Software, Kronos and the Cloud Payroll offering.

However, many customers have been investing for many years in an on premise time & payroll solution and are not willing to give up the investments that they have done so far by moving into the Cloud.

One way to combine the best of both worlds is to use the strengths of each system and offer a seamless user experience to the end-user (HR, employees and managers).

By using the possibilities of SuccessFactors to add menu items and homepage tiles, we can include links to SAP on premise transactions (Fiori apps, WD4A apps, etc) in a way that the employee doesn’t know that he is working in different systems… on the condition that he does not have to authenticate multiple times.

When looking for a solution on how to set this up, I came across a document from 'SAP help' describing the procedure to set up SSO between Employee Central and Employee Central payroll (which is in fact classic SAP payroll). I decided to give it a try on our demo system and came to the conclusion that it is relatively easy to set up. And it works fine !

The document can be found here (S-user required): and the configuration is described in chapter 17.

The following movie shows the end result on our demo system:

Setting up the Single Sign between SF and SAP on premise allows customers to unify the user experience for their employees and take advantages of the possibilities both systems have to offer.

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