Terumo makes every minute count

18 June 2018

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Terumo is one of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers. As their customers are saving lives for business, every minute counts! The Time Management optimization project was initiated by Terumo Dubai. They were working with a local time management system, lacking a connection between their time and payroll system and no automatic calculation of the payroll wage types.

What Terumo aimed for

Looking to streamline their HR processes and enhance the overall efficiency, they wanted to be able to automatically calculate all holiday quotas (annual leave, sick leave, unpaid leave, maternity leave, etc.). Also a retroactive calculation for the holiday pay, when an employee is hired or leaving during the fiscal year, must be included. SuccessFactorsEC Time met all their requirements.

By adding a mobile solution, employees can now fill in their timesheets in real time and absences can be registered by the employees themselves. In this way they eliminate administrative workload for the HR department.

A custom solution for holiday quotas

All holiday quotas needed to be generated automatically from the 1st of April until the 30th of March. The calculations should be based on the % of FTE’s and the amount of active days during the respective fiscal year. Today, when the % of FTE’s changes in the master data of SuccessFactorsEC Time, an automatic recalculation of the quota will be triggered.

Next to the required calculations, approval workflows were activated for time off requests and timesheets. When an employee requests time off or has worked overtime, both his manager and the HR department need to approve/decline those requests on a weekly basis.

Connecting Time with Payroll

To optimize payroll calculations, custom time evaluation rules were incorporated. Different overtime wage types (125% , 150%, Weekend Overtime,…) are now calculated automatically. More advanced rules are implemented as well. For example, when an employee goes on a business trip over the weekend. As from 5 hours weekend overtime, the system automatically adds 8 hours compensation leave to an employee's holiday quota.

Delivering quality at a high pace

Within three months, Terumo Dubai went from blueprint to go-live. Following a successful implementation of the new time management solution in Dubai, Terumo has decided to expand the roll out to their subsidiary in Poland. The set-up is similar, with some small deviations.

Poland will go live with the SuccessFactorsEC Timesheet / Time off solution in June. The project team is now busy finishing the set-up and are in full preparation of the user acceptance testing.

Are you looking for ways to optimize your time management system? Let's discusshow we can help you make every minute count!

Curious to know more about this EC Time project? Terumo will present their case at our Quarterly Release Breakfast Session in August, join us on Tuesday, the 21st!

For more information, please send an email to audrey.vermeiren@emeritis.com

Author:Steven Schenkels, Senior SAP HR / SuccessFactors Consultant

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