De Watergroep

04 September 2017

De Watergroep wanted to transform their HR organization from HR Administration to HR as a service provider and strategic partner.

De Watergroep is the main provider for drinking water in Flanders. With 1450 employees, they serve 2.9 million customers.

Lots of the HR workflows and processes were still paper-based. That’s one of the reasons HR was investing too much time in administration instead of value added activities. The HR Transformation needed to be supported by a modern HR application, preferably in the Cloud and with strong self-service capabilities. As De Watergroep has a mobile, decentralized workforce the application needed to be accessible for everyone, anywhere and at any time.

Emeritis was chosen as partner for both the HR Transformation and implementation of the new application.

The HR Transformation impacted the entire workforce. To ensure the new processes and workflows would be anchored in the day-to-day reality, De Watergroep invested heavily in internal communication and integrated change management.

Emeritis actively involved HR in the process optimization & design of the new organization. This approach – together with additional training material, like a visual process guide – led to a high buy in of HR from the start.

The new way of working went hand in hand with a new HR organization, with different levels of services for employees and managers. Therefore, new roles needed to be created. Before assigning the HR employees to their new role, each individual’s ambition and competencies were captured. This resulted in a consolidated and optimized HR team.

Today De Watergroep has One harmonized way of working with clear roles & responsibilities.

The shift towards a new software required another way of working. As such the project impacted the entire workforce, specifically the blue-collar workforce. Change management was key to the success of this implementation project. A crucial part of the change management procedure was the extensive training of the fronteniers. In total, 85 training sessions were organized.

The expectations on the HR application were high:

  1. Preferably in the Cloud
  2. Supporting the specificities of a public sector organization
  3. Full scope: administration, time management, payroll and post payroll as well as talent management
  4. Allow a complete digitalization of the entire workforce: no more paper based workflows
  5. Should support an outsourcing model (where a payroll provider is responsible for running the payroll process)
  • Therefore, De Watergroep opted for a full scope HR implementation (and Payroll Processing Services by Attentia):
  • Personnel Administration and Organization Management in SuccessFactors
  • Time Management and Payroll Management powered by SAP HCM
  • Recruiting, Goals and Performance and Learning Management in SuccessFactors

The SAP HCM system is offered as a PMC ‘Partner Managed Cloud’. This means that from a hosting, licensing and support perspective, it is offered as a cloud solution to De Watergroep.

29023 paper requests have been digitized over 3 months time and we see a total of 950 daily users of the new application!

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