13 December 2017

ONVA-RJV (‘Office National des Vacances Annuelles’ or ‘Rijksdienst voor Jaarlijkse Vakantie’) is responsible for the calculation of the paid leave and the annual holiday bonus of 1.2 Million Belgian blue-collar workers.

Because of the enormous amount of holiday calculations - 1.2 million!- ONVA-RJV started looking for a way to streamline the process with an automated solution.

This case is unique the SAP Payroll system has never before been used for such a big amount of people. In May and June all holiday fees need to be paid. This means the first weeks they need to process 200 000 payments; at the end it’s around 100 000.

Because of the automated system, ONVA-RJV manages to do the same amount of work in less time and with less resources.

Want to know more? Download the customer story here!

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