Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerp

11 April 2018

Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen is one of the biggest educational institutions in Belgium, engaging more than 55.000 students & trainees (from 2,5 to 82 years old), about 6500 employees (both subsidized and non-subsidized) and 116 schools, academies and centres, spread over 250 locations in the city of Antwerp.

Emeritis was chosen as partner for the implementation of SuccessFactors and Change management process.

Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen was looking for a way to streamline their HR processes in order to avoid abundant administration and have more time to focus on talent management. First thing on their list was to introduce a culture of continuous feedback.

To start Emeritis, together with experts from Stedelijk Onderwijs and Digipolis, has conducted a feasibility study to analyse the following:

  • a to-be situation with more organisational transparency related to operational aspects and resources
  • Uniformity in processes and erasing the division between subsidized and non-subsidized personnel
  • Roll-out a consistent HR strategy based on competences throughout the total organisation
  • Potential for process "digitalisation" (ESS/MSS)
  • Rationalisation of resources: liberation of resources that are spent on backoffice HR-processes and focus on key/strategical processes

A change plan was set up by the Emeritis Business Consultancy unit in close collaboration with Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerp to guarantee a smooth rollout. Today the Goals & Performance module is up and running. Curious to know more? Download the full customer story here!

'Emeritis' refers to 'Emeritis a Deloitte business'

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