Toyota Boshoku

31 October 2019

Toyota Boshoku Europe is the Headquarter for the European & African activities of the Toyota Boshoku Group. They are part of a global innovative automotive interior parts manufacturer.

The HR team at Toyota Boshoku was looking for a robust and reliable tool to manage their HR processes while – at the same time - being able to perform thorough analysis and swift reaction to changing conditions. The HR team set out a journey to find the perfect solution to shape their Talent Management processes. They decided that they wanted to reap the benefits of a world-class HR solution but delivered fast and at an affordable cost. By combining a rapid deployment solution for the talent processes with a classic set up for core HR, they have the best of both worlds.

The initial scope of the project was expanded along the way. We started with a review & redesign of the different talent processes. ‘Goals & Performance’ remained the top priority, followed by Succession Management and Recruiting Management.

Starting from the Emeritis’ best practice solutions, and by applying a pragmatic approach, we were able to shift the focus from a ‘solution definition’- track to an ‘enable the business’ one. In this way, the project lead times were significantly reduced, while the intentional end-result remained.

As there was no master data system in place, the decision was made to start with the implementation of Employee Central. 5 countries were in scope (localizations) + mobile functionality.

In 6 months time, Toyota Boshoku had 1 integrated system for all HR processes.

It was a smart decision to add Employee Central to the implementation cycle. Position Management is included which gave them a clear view on the entire organization and enhanced the efficiency of the implementation of the talent modules.

'Emeritis' refers to 'Emeritis a Deloitte business'

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