Step 1


  • Understand internal & external communication practices
  • Recruitment practices & internal engagement initiatives
  • Analyse survey data
  • Identify competitors and define competitive advantages
  • Image audit (qualitative & quantitative)
  • Define identity gaps
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Step 2


  • Define Employer Value Proposition: authentic & distinctive
  • The EVP is the coat rack for both internal (living the brand) and external (marketing the brand).
  • The external employer brand must reflect the internal employer branding. And this branding must reflect the real values of the company.
  • Align on campaign & communication principles with HR, Communication and C-level
  • Define involvement of own employees
  • Develop a detailed action plan
  • Define innovative technology
  • Develop a communication strategy:
    • Offline Media & Communication
    • Events
    • Online/Digital Marketing – Career Site, SEO/SA, Content Marketing, Social, Remarketing
    • Content Marketing Strategy
    • Agreement on cross media communication channels

Step 3


  • Creative concept generation
  • Recruitment communication/campaigns
  • Internal Branding & Communication initiatives: personnel magazine / internal social media / furnishing of office & building / workshops on employer branding / testimonials / intranet / office material with employer brand / poster campaign
  • Training on tools & processes

Step 4


The employer brand is dynamic and requires continuous screening and adjustment.

  • Set targets with measurable indicators
  • Monitor inflow candidates & recruitment channels
  • Monitor user adoption
  • (Pulse) Surveys
  • Analyse data, draw conclusions and act

'Emeritis' refers to 'Emeritis a Deloitte business'

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