Employer Branding

Nowadays, employees must constantly re-affirm their long term value in return for opportunities, resources and rewards. Employers must do the same towards the employees. The social deal between the employer and employee is called the “employer value proposition” and organizations want to provide the most attractive deal to the talent market in their sector, country, etc.

It starts by being explicit about what makes you attractive and different as an employer and how you align your external brand and internal ways of working with the brand needed to realise the organisation’s strategic and operational business objectives.

Understand how to become clear about the deal you have with your current and future employees, how employee onboarding, development, deployment and retention is done and can be improved in order to become the most attractive employer in the recruitment market.


Employee Engagement

HR relies on a large network of people in the organization which determines how successful HR delivers services to the business, despite the fact that those people are not reporting into HR. Whilst these services impact every individual in the organization on a daily basis, there’s often a disconnect between the intentions behind HR practices and the ways in which they are enacted and experienced by employees.

A scan helps to clarify whether your employees are receiving the right signals from your HR practices as to how they should act, and which behaviours and actions are valued in the business. Any dissonance between your organisation’s vision and HR practices should be dealt with, resulting in clear and consistent signals that serve employee engagement.

We can help to identify areas where HR can quickly demonstrate a contribution and where the positive benefits of change (how engaging is your performance management process and system?) would be readily visible to management. Or help your organization to assess the extent to which the performance development approach reinforces the same vision and values as the learning and development practices. Our drive is simplification.

We offer tailored advice and support that fits with your organizational needs.

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Requirements for succesful Talent processes

An organisation can have perfectly fluent Talent processes established, yet it needs an amount of Employer Branding & Employee Engagement to fully enable these processes.



Good Employer branding ensures that you attract motivated Candidates to help you achieve Corporate Goals.



Engaged Employees who are strongly committed to their job, speed up the organisation’s adaptiveness in this fast changing world.



Moreover, committed Employees are unlikely to leave your organization, thus ensuring the continuity of your business.

Emeritis has developed a pragmatic approach to establish an excellent Employer Branding & to maximize Employee engagement, tailored to your organisation’s needs & on different levels. Learn more about our approach concerning Employer branding & Employee engagement in our download section.

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