Requirements for succesful Talent processes

An organisation can have perfectly fluent Talent processes established, yet it needs an amount of Employer Branding & Employee Engagement to fully enable these processes.



Good Employer branding ensures that you attract motivated Candidates to help you achieve Corporate Goals.



Engaged Employees who are strongly committed to their job, speed up the organisation’s adaptiveness in this fast changing world.



Moreover, committed Employees are unlikely to leave your organization, thus ensuring the continuity of your business.

Emeritis has developed a pragmatic approach to establish an excellent Employer Branding & to maximize Employee engagement. Tailored to your organisation’s needs & on different levels:





Audit & analysis of:

  • Your Corporate goals : what is the (desired) market position of the organization? How do the organizational goals impact the need of attracting talent? (analyse organizational goals & derive required talent to reach these)
  • Your Employee Value Proposition : insights on the way you attract the needed talent and how this is aligned with your organisation’s attractiveness compared to your competitor’s. (channel effectiveness, branding, networks)
  • Your Internal Employer Perception : what are the elements & differentiating values according to your Employees and Contractors? (internal focus groups, management interviews, surveys)

Examples: Mystery Career shopping

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