Having defined new policies, processes or technology won’t bring your organisation the desired business results. Putting theory into practice changes the way many HR activities are performed with implications across the HR team, the HR service offering to the business, the HR organisation and the wider business.

New HR initiatives should positively impact the HR value chain in a better and more professional, productive way.

Approach and methodology

Our approach to the discipline that moves an organization from a current state to a desired future state is derived from organisation design and social/behavioural sciences (like organizational psychology, communication theory and leadership development) and is developed around the following 9 change themes:


Aligning and engaging the leadership and managers to drive and support the change


Setting-up a change enabling program governance and team for success


Defining the new HR operating model and transitioning roles & responsibilities, capabilities, skills, headcount, reporting lines, etc. to structurally embed the new way of operating


Designing new coherent HR processes and defining the fit-gap with the current situation


Assessing the change impact at all levels and on all stakeholders in a complete and detailed way


Aligning and engaging the leadership and managers to drive and support the change


Communicating the right messages at the right time by the right person/group of people through the right channel


Training all stakeholders (from business managers to HR people) that are impacted by the new way of operating


Measuring the extent to which stakeholders have adopted the new way of operating/the new people system and defining mitigating actions (post go-live and optional).

People Elements of HR Transformation

How these people elements of the HR transformation journey play out is captured in the ‘People Elements of HR Transformation’ framework that is visualised in the following


This framework helps to understand the logic behind the complex interactions between the different elements of the new ways of working and helps to guide the program team and all stakeholders towards realising the global business case for change in a more qualitative way with longer term effects and ultimately a better and earlier (in terms of money, user adoption and workforce digitization) return on investment.

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